Boise and Garden City Greenbelt Closures and Alerts

The following link provides up-to-date information.  Boise City Greenbelt Construction Interactive Map



Boise Parks and Recreation staff will be spreading chat (fragments of siliceous rock) along the Bethine Church River Pedestrian Only Trail between mile markers SE 2.6 to SE 3.7. This will help even out the path. Unfortunately this will involve a closure and detour from September 15-18. At mile marker SE 3.7 there is an asphalt path out to Parkcenter Blvd which users can take as the detour. On the other end at SE 2.6 users can use the same asphalt path along Parkcenter Blvd. to loop back to the trail.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Bethine Church River Pedestrian Closure.


Due to increased bicycle traffic and reduced parking needs in light of COVID-19, the City of Boise has installed an additional bike lane with orange and white traffic dividers to help cyclists ride through Julia Davis Park to access the Greenbelt from downtown, and vice versa. The lane is marked and located along the road that runs in front of the zoo’s main entrance. This new, protected access route will be in place until Zoo Boise is back to full operations. Our team will continue to monitor use of the additional protected lane and look for ways to improve cyclist and pedestrian access through the park into the future.

JD Bike Lane.jpg
JD Bike Lane 2.jpg


All events along the Greenbelt have been cancelled until the Cities of Boise, Garden City and Eagle have lifted the Shelter in Place Order.

During our beautiful spring days, some people may want to walk or bike the Greenbelt. If you do so, please observe the Covid-19 guidelines and stay 6 feet away from others, wear a mask when possible, avoid touching your face and touching communal objects. Use your to keep track of your location on the Greenbelt and where bike repair stations are located along the way. 


Bike Repair Stations - We realize that while biking you may need to use a bike repair station.  We advise bikers to carry disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. You should wipe down any station before using it and sanitize your hands before and afterwards. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers are not available at the bike repair stations.

Please be safe and responsible during this important time, so we may all soon return to the outdoor life we love along the Greenbelt.


Thank you from all of us here at the BoiseRiverGreenbelt.App