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DOTs System Overview


This is a point data set of 1/10th milepost markers for trails along the Boise River from Lucky Peak Dam to the current terminus within the City of Eagle. The trails along the Boise River are generally referred to as ‘the greenbelt’. The milepost markers along the Boise River are collectively known as the Distance and Orientation Trail System (DOTS). Mileposts are a series of numbered markers placed along a route at regular intervals used as reference points.


The DOTS divides the greenbelt trails into quadrants; north and south side of the Boise River, and east or west of the origin at the 8th Street pedestrian bridge in Boise, Idaho. Milepost identification is comprised of the quadrant or sector (i.e. NW for northwest, SW for southwest, NE for northeast, and SE for southeast) and a mileage (in tenths of a mile). For example, NE 3.1, indicates the north side of the river, and east of the 8th Street pedestrian bridge by 3.1 miles. There are several known exceptions to this convention. The milepost origin for the north and south trail origins are simply delineated by ‘N’ and ‘S’. Also, several mileposts are marked with a ‘W’ for West where the north and south trails converge.


Mileage numbers increase as you move east and west from the 8th Street pedestrian bridge. Milepost markers are not always physically marked on the ground. This data set shows mileposts along the trail centerline and is not meant to represent the physical demarcation of the mileposts. Physical markers, if they exist, will be relatively nearby the point defined in this data set.


This data set was created by City of Boise GIS team in cooperation with Boise State University based off of GPS data and heads up digitizing against available GIS trail and orthophotography data. The data has been reviewed by parks, police, and fire staff from several local agencies in Ada County. The data is believed to be generally accurate. This data set is updated irregularly as new GPS data is collected or as changes to the trail system in different jurisdictions occur. The data set is current to the last date of publication.

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